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Business Storytelling, once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was a man. He was working on a presentation for his business for the following day. But he was confused. He wanted to explain so many things, so much information, and all of it seemed important. He wanted to speak about his company’s mission, its vision, strategy, slogan, history, results, its most important clients, etc. And he wanted to say so many things about his product too: its advantages, its differentiating factors, price, product details, improvements, and so on. He knew his product was good, but he just couldn’t get it across. He wanted to say so many things, but he couldn’t find a way to structure it all in a logical and coherent way, while not overloading his client with  information either.

«If only there was a simple way that could logically and emotionally connect it all», he thought. «If I could just create this thread that my client could follow and that would lead him to close the deal.»

And then it came to him. It was actually quite simple. He’d heard about it before; a natural way to convey a message; a way that emotionally connects with the listener. «Business storytelling», i.e. using and applying techniques from narration to business, to structure apparently unrelated information and present it in a convincing and engaging way.

And that’s where this story really began. He started a quest to learn as much as he could about this wonderful new way of presenting. And I’d like to tell you more about it, if you’re up for it.

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Are you having problems structuring your presentation? Are you finding it difficult to make it engaging? Would you like to know how to tell things naturally, as if it were a story flowing throughout your presentation?

Then, come to our «Business Storytelling» course and discover how certain concepts from narration can be applied to a business setting. It will let you convey your message clearly, logically and structured, while at the same time emotionally connecting with your audience.

——— ADVANTAGES ————–

You’ll learn how to:

– tell your message more clearly,
– emotionally connect with your audience,
– detect the most important things and how to structure around them,
– remember your notes easily, and
– feel good about your presentation’s quality.

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Roel Vermeulen, belga afincado en Bilbao, acepta entusiasmado este nuevo reto propuesto por Coaching Factory. Su pasión, la enseñanza. Emprendedor, creativo, profesor de inglés y actor, nos hará fácil adaptar las técnicas de las buenas historias al plano profesional. Y el inglés no será un obstáculo. Por primera vez en Bilbao, Business Storytelling in English.

 «My passion hROEL-Vermeulen-Business-Storytellingas forever been teaching. I’ve had a keen interest since I was 6, and started teaching my first courses at the age of 20 when joining JCI (Junior Chamber International), an international organization dedicated to improving leadership qualities in society. There, I’ve taught courses in Mind Mapping, Public Speaking, Powerpoint for presentations. I’ve received several Train the Trainer courses, and have more than 10 years experience teaching English to businesses in Bilbao. I also used to organize events called Petxa Kutxa (=short format presentations) in Bilbao, an event for people to practice their public speaking skills for free in cooperation with Caja Navarra».

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