Conoce a Roel Vermeulen, storyteller

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Conoce a Roel Vermeulen, storyteller

Roel Vermeulen, belga afincado en Bilbao, acepta entusiasmado este nuevo reto propuesto por Coaching Factory. Liderar el primer curso en inglés sobre Business Storytelling. Su pasión, la enseñanza. Emprendedor, creativo, profesor de inglés y actor, nos hará fácil adaptar las técnicas de las buenas historias al plano profesional. Por primera vez en Bilbao, Business Storytelling.

Conócele mejor a través de esta entrevista.

Más información sobre el curso:

*Interest, knowledge, experience*

My passion has forever been teaching. I’ve had a keen interest since I was 6, and started teaching my first courses at the age of 20 when joining JCI (Junior Chamber International), an international organization dedicated to improving leadership qualities in society. There, I’ve taught courses in Mind Mapping, Public Speaking, Powerpoint for presentations. I’ve received several Train the Trainer courses, and have more than 10 years experience teaching English to businesses in Bilbao. I also used to organize events called Petxa Kutxa (=short format  presentations) in Bilbao, an event for people to practice their public speaking skills for free in cooperation with Caja Navarra.

*¿Qué parte de la oratoria sabes enriquecer?*

Public speaking is a combination of verbal and non-verbal communication. The Business Storytelling course aims to improve the structuring of the verbal part, which in turn will make the non-verbal emotional part stronger. It aims to bring emotion to the equation.

*¿Qué valor quieres aportar?*
It’s important to connect with your audience through a well-structured and motivational message. A well-told story is more than the sum of its sentences.

*¿Qué experiencia tienes en ese campo?* 

I’ve taught this course at JCI (Junior Chamber International), in 2 courses with Lan Ekintza and in several personal consulting jobs for Barakaldo’s city council.

*¿Cómo has imaginado el taller?*

The workshop is an very interactive exploration of how stories are structured. We’ll start with some examples of how stories are told in advertising, analyzing their structure. Then, we’ll see the theory behind it all, and finally we’ll apply the theory to some use cases and create some presentations about subjects that are of interest to the students.

*¿Qué buscas en Coaching Factory?*

I love spreading the word about how to good story telling can improve presentations. And if Coaching Factory can help with this, I would be delighted to help out.
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